Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Munich's thrilling Michael Jackson memorial

There's a small memorial park in front of the five star Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich where the statue of influencial 16th century musician Orlando di Lasso shares his legacy with the late Michael Jackson.

Fans of the pop singer have turned the statue into an unofficial Michael Jackson shrine, placing mementos, offerings and tribute messages here week in and week out - since shortly after the singer's death in June 2009.

Every so often I see people gathering here to pay their respects.  Or simply to marvel at all the fuss. The choice for this specific spot seems to be related to the fact that the undisputed King of Pop stayed at the Bayerischer Hof across the road a few times.

Apparently it all started because the local authorities refused to build a dedicated Michael Jackson memorial in the city - and so some hardcore fans simply hijacked one while trying to raise enough money to build their own.

There is even a Facebook fan page raising awareness for this cause and urging people to become 'messengers of healing the world'. MJ must have made a true impression in Munich to have such a dedicated group of German fans here.

The statue is never without an abundance of fresh flowers and burning candles, handwritten notes, ornaments and photographs in tribute of the singer. What makes it all a bit eerie, though, are the conspiracy theory posters amongst the gushing declarations of love that also seem to take a somewhat religious tone. 

Somehow my gut feeling says the whole situation is a bit of a 'Thriller'.

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