Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mauritius is like a massage

When I arrive in Mauritius, I am still unhappy. Don’t get me wrong but the last few days have been really tough on me. I have had a string of bad luck experiences and although I generally have a mind-over-matter attitude, the wind had been taken out of my sails completely.

Blue Bay is pretty windy though and my travel companions decide to head out for some sailing. I choose to just sit on the beach and let the tropical atmosphere work its charms.

Being here is a bit like having a massage. I cannot help but relax.

Mauritius is all the clichés: ‘powdery palm fringed beaches’, ‘crystal clear seas’ and drinks with fresh coconut inside and pineapple slices on the rim. There are no surprises here. It is exactly like the dream and the only thing that makes it different from the pictures is that I can smell the sea and the frangipani, feel the sand sift through my toes and hear the sea.

Before I know it I am smiling and breathing sighs of contentment. Ah, island therapy beats a shrink any day!

I fall asleep under a palm tree until my companions wake me with giggly tales of a sailor that couldn’t sail and something about the rescue boat.

There is truly something to do for everyone here – yes, yes, another cliché. It is the ideal holiday spot for lovers, adventure seekers, families and of course those who just want to be rejuvenated. Although most of the holiday makers that I see here are indeed honeymooners, I am surprised at how many kids are around.

We haggle a bit with a seller on the beach. He is not nearly as manipulative as the ones in South East Asia; instead he is pretty clever in being so pleasant that I want to look at his offerings and buy something from him. Plus, I really like the French accent. He also gives me a good price on a sarong – that’s what I think.

Soon the sky turns to strawberries and cream and the sea is shined silver. Sure, a beautiful sunset may be expected in such a setting – but then, the full moon rises. That’s it, there is no way that I can leave here and not feel happy again.

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