Saturday, November 10, 2007

The lure of apple wine

The first time I went to Frankfurt I planned to merely spend one night there, round up my German friends and then travel with them to other, more interesting, parts of Europe.

That night my Frankfurter friends, Caroline and Susi, took me to a little tavern for my first taste of apple wine, or ‘äbbelwoi’ (pronounced ‘ebbelwoi’ - fast and slurry if you want to talk like a local). Given a choice between sweet and bitter apple wine, I chose the latter and expected cider. Yet the flavour of real apples surprised my tastebuds and the dryness tickled my tongue. That one night ended up lingering in my mouth and left me wanting more.

This time around I am making sure that I get to sample all the local delicacies that Frankfurt has to offer. Susi offers to take me to Rewe (the supermarket) soon after my arrival. I grab a freshly baked ‘bredzel’ from the bakery on the way and devour it in an instant, almost getting driven over by a cyclist for walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

I am all eyes when we reach the supermarket, enchanted by the ‘feldsalad’ (seasonal salad leaves) and ‘mini cresse’ (looks like miniature watercress and tastes like horseradish). Susi insists on introducing me to a local cheese called ‘handkäs’. I choose some Frankfurter sausages, curious to find out whether they taste any different in their place of origin. In the dairy aisle I find beautiful glass bottles filled with milk and yoghurt. The Germans are obsessed with food safety, which explains the glass option as opposed to plastic.

In fact, the Germans are so dedicated to food ethics that they are struggling to keep up with organic food supplies. Just down the road from Rewe is an equally big and way more expensive bio supermarket called Basic. It sells everything from mushrooms to mascara, in organic form.

We fill up two big shopping bags at Rewe and just like that we are ready to prepare a German feast.

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poems for lize


Gedichte sind gemalte Fensterscheiben!
Sieht man vom Markt in die Kirche hinein,
Da ist alles dunkel und düster;
Und so sieht's auch der Herr Philister:
Der mag denn wohl verdrießlich sein
Und lebenslang verdrießlich bleiben.

Kommt aber nur einmal herein!
Begrüßt die heilige Kapelle;
Da ist's auf einmal farbig helle,
Geschicht' und Zierrat glänzt in Schnelle,
Bedeutend wirkt ein edler Schein;
Dies wird euch Kindern Gottes taugen,
Erbaut Euch und ergötzt die Augen.

von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

collected by caro