Monday, November 19, 2007

This paradise is not for me

Perhaps I am not the best person to judge the cluster of skyscrapers along this magnificent stretch of beach. Firstly, I am not a surfer and secondly I generally shy away from all things artificial.

To top that, I visit Surfers Paradise on a slightly rainy day which means I cannot be seduced by the white beach sand and the sun on my skin, or even the humpback whales that pass by here between June and November every year.

Nevertheless, I have always wanted to see the Gold Coast and my travel companion, Jacqui, wants to take a walk down memory lane as she spent a few years living here in Surfers Paradise, serving ice cream and partying at the numerous bars and clubs along the streets.

I guess this could be a tourist’s dream. Beach as far as the eye can see, parties of note and an endless array of amusement parks, zoos and putt putt type entertainment. The only thing one may not find here while on holiday is some peace and quiet.

Well, that’s not entirely true, as the Hinterland close by is a scenic treat. It’s the perfect place to escape all the noise, peroxide and fluorescent lights for just a while.

For now we’re here to see Surfers Paradise though and after lunch at Toscani’s (exceptional sandwiches, not-so-great salads), we head for the shopping centre under the Hard Rock Café guitar.

Jacqui is taking us to “this really cool surf shop” and, admittedly, 'Between the Flags' is a brand that can only be found in the Gold Coast and therefore makes for a perfect memento. Even better is the fact that the brand raises money to support the lifesavers here. So while this laid back beach gear is truly unique, someone may just be alive because people buy it.

What else is cool about Surfers'?

There’s the Surf Club, says Jacqui, a café next to the beach where all the surfers and lifesavers hang out. From there it’s easy to stroll to the bars and clubs but it’s perhaps better to shower and dress up before heading for Melbas – the coolest night club here.

For a perfect view of the Gold Coast, there’s no better lookout spot than Q1, the world’s tallest residential tower. Spectacular. Still, I don’t really feel wowed by this place.

But - if I was a surfer looking for an unlimited supply of waves, alcohol and pretty babes, it would indeed be paradise for me.

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Thirty years ago Surfers was a great place it is just