Friday, December 14, 2007

Can food make me truly happy?

There’s a little bowl of sweets on offer at the immigration desk as I pass through Singapore airport. It makes me smile every time. Where else in the world…

Then again, where else in the world will I find a world city that is also a tropical island, with the cleanest underground train system and flowers decorating the street names above ground.

Right now it’s rainy season and the air is infused with a distinct incense, something in between the aroma of Chinese spices and the perfume of frangipani. The wet heat weighs on my skin and the sights of fresh fashion entices me from shop windows.

Yet what excites me the most about Singapore is the food. Not even China can conjure up such delicious bites of barbeque pork, chicken rice or dim sum – and at least here food safety is a priority. Every time I step into a food court, I find it difficult to choose… freshly squeezed dragon fruit or soursop juice… palak paneer or black pepper crab…

However, tonight my date is a homesick French man and he is taking me to a French restaurant called ‘French Stall’ on Serangoon Road. We order a bottle of Bordeaux and linger over a delicate duck salad. I am slightly nervous about the main course as duck breast is one of my favourites and I am easily disappointed. Well, the first bite catches me by surprise, as it completely exceeds my expectations.*

After all the sweet nothings, I probably don’t need dessert but the chocolate and ice-cream pastry is a perfectly indulgent conclusion to this meal.

It seems that, in Singapore, food really can make me truly happy.

* Highly recommended: Sliced duck breast d’orange, served on top of risotto at the French Stall on Serangoon Road.

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La said...

I also fell inlove with the food in Singapore. The most memorable meal was at Ivory The Indian Kitchen in Clarke Quay.The most delicious Indian food I've had to date (having not been to India yet).

Love your blog, makes me very jealous of all the travels :)Did you get any of my mails?

I'm going to Bali in two days and just wanted to hear some of your experiences.