Monday, January 21, 2008

All packed and nowhere to go

Have time, will travel - but wherever I turned doors, roads and flight options closed.

I couldn’t get a visa for Paris. Then I looked at flights to South East Asia, South Africa and North Africa but they were either too full or too expensive.

So I decided to discover the UAE a bit. Get out there. Go to an oasis or something.

However, it rained so much here that the roads became rivers and the traffic became, well, somewhere I didn’t want to be.

Obviously I was not meant to go anywhere. So I surrendered to my fate and did what all the expats in Dubai do best with their free time: eat, party and watch TV.

Until the rain stopped and the roads cleared and I decided to go ‘traveling’ at Global Village, a theme park in Dubai which is divided into all the different countries in the world, complete with souvenirs and local food.

Perhaps I expected too much but I was greatly disappointed. It’s not as cheap as everyone said, although many of the souvenirs are cheap plastic products and clothes. There is also not much variety and the whole place, in general, lacks energy and soul.

I guess the richness of history and culture, people and crafts is not something that can be replicated so easily. No money in the world can recreate myths and legends, or what places smell like, taste like and feel like.

Living in the middle of the world makes a decent base to travel from, under normal circumstances, but it is certainly not a magical one.

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