Saturday, January 5, 2008

Traveller’s resolutions from Bangkok

To wear sunscreen
The Thais may live by the principle of ‘sanuk’ or ‘fun’ but being red-faced is all but being fun, except if you’re a reindeer.

To try not to judge others’ customs and cultures
That much chilli? How rude! You must be crazy.

To trust my instinct
If it doesn’t look like chicken or taste like chicken it probably isn’t chicken.

To do less shopping and more sightseeing
This time I traded the palaces in Bangkok for taxi hopping between Platinum Mall and Siam Square. The taxis are a sight in itself though, being as colourful as Smarties.

To stay true to myself no matter what influences are around me
A sex change operation, uhm, maybe not…

To be more grateful for the experiences and adventures that I accumulate
Even being dropped off at the wrong place twice by the tuk-tuk drivers in this city could have been an adventure if I faced it with a more open mind.

To learn how to say at least ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in the native language of each place that I travel to
Starting today.
Hello: “sa-wa-dee-kaa”
Thank you: “ka-pong-gaap”
Happy New Year: “sa-wa-dee-pee-mai-kaa”

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