Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Edinburgh a fairy tale city?

Forget Paris. Edinburgh is a fairy tale city, especially at night. This is when the castle lights up and tourists can feed their imagination with ghost tours and dinner at The Witchery.

Right now it is spring and the gardens should be full of daffodils - the yellow star flowers just add that little extra touch of magic.

As though this is not enough a rainbow breaks through the clouds as the train approaches Edinburgh station. I look at Mickael and wonder if he would turn into a prince as soon as we step out onto the cobbled streets.

But real fairy tales are indeed rare in this world:

We arrive only to find that the daffodils are being murdered by the wind. As is my hair and any idea of taking a romantic stroll through the city.

When I get tired of fighting with the wind, I drag Mickael into Maxi’s Bistro and Wine Bar. To warm me up in true Scottish style I start with a glass of Highland Park whiskey, but soon move on to my first love – red wine.

Maxi’s has a fabulous rustic atmosphere, with simple white candles stuck into empty champagne bottles and literary quotes on the walls.

Next time I will only have the clams offered on the starter menu, perhaps with some garlic bread. The portion is generous and the clams are fresh-fresh, while the tomatoey sauce is truly satisfying.

My main course of rib-eye steak is not great, but then maybe being raised on South Africa meat spoiled me for life. I also try a bite of Mickael’s duck, which is tender and delicious.

I could easily stay inside this cosy little place and live happily ever after on the seafood, the whiskey and the wine. But then, perhaps a pretty castle on a hill doesn’t quite make for a fairy tale after all.

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Suz said...

Everytime i m in Edinburgh i have the feeling im back in middleage. Especially when its night and foggy...... uuuuuuuh