Thursday, July 31, 2008

It really feels like I can fly

One of the worst things about travelling alone is dining alone – but not when I find myself at The Carousel Buffet Restaurant in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Situated on the 30th floor of the Garden Hotel, it takes two hours for the whole seating area to revolve 360 degrees. Which means that I get to experience a sunset and city light show from up in the sky while enjoying the buffet dinner.

Every time I get up to fill my plate, I find my seat next to a different part of the buffet which even includes newspapers and magazines just in case the view is not entertaining enough.

After finishing some sashimi, nigiri and do-it-yourself miso soup, I am now standing in front of a selection of ready made dishes. It includes Oriental delicacies such as teriyaki chicken and deep-fried shrimp balls (not to be confused with the pig’s trotters right next to it!) as well as a selection of fish, prawns and Italian style cauliflower.

All that and I haven’t even reached the highlight of the buffet: a selection of seafood, beef cuts and vegetables prepared to my taste, right here in front of me. I opt for fresh Chinese mixed greens sautéed with garlic and soya and some grilled fillet with teriyaki sauce. The hostess insists that I try at least half a lobster as well. I nod against my stomach’s will and end up with a feast enough for three on my table for one.

There are still salads, oysters and a host of desserts but I feel completely satiated. As I end my meal with some Chinese tea I notice that the only stars in the night sky are the ones reflected in the window from the restaurant roof. Outside in the smog, the closest it gets to stars are the lights of the planes coming in and out of Guangzhou’s brand new airport.

Before I prepare to leave, I walk up close to the floor-to-ceiling window, high above the panorama of city lights. The sensation almost tops the meal. Wow, from here it really feels like I can fly.

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