Saturday, April 18, 2009

A prayer for the beautiful people

A woman waits to cross the street with a baby tied to her back. She is wearing a colourful skirt in an African print that shows off against her dark skin. Deep worry lines sit across her forehead. She does not know how beautiful she is.

I wish I can stop to take a photograph but it’s a highway and it would probably be intrusive. Every time I visit South Africa I am overwhelmed by the beautiful people. And the terrible part of this beauty is that some of the people here try so hard and give so much but get so little in return.

When I stop at Newscafé in Blouberg to have a coffee with a friend I realise that I am a little early. Those who know me will be surprised at this exception. I decide to make good use of my time and walk down to the beach to take a few photographs of the classic Table Mountain view.

The quiet morning sunshine is something that many here like to treasure every day. Capetonians know that the wind will pick up within a few hours and the sun will burn if you're not careful. There’s even a famous Afrikaans song by Laurika Rauch about the early morning sun in Blouberg and how the perfection of that moment is echoed everywhere in life. A lot of the time life's difficult, but cosy morning sunrays sparkling accross the sea can make up for a lot of suffering.

Indeed, after catching up with the good, the bad and the ugly there are kites flying and the sun is already reflecting off the white sand beach. Those who were enjoying a wake-up walk are already safely tucked away somewhere at a brunch table, a supermarket or a shower.

As I drive back towards the mountain I say a prayer for that woman on the side of the road, for my friend who works so hard but still struggles to get ahead and for all the other beautiful people of South Africa – who deserve so much more.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mona Lize: Visiting your wonderful blog. The first thing that struck me was your submission that the earth moves under your feet ... to me long ago that I moved out and escape to the mountains and hiking is my refuge weekend. With your permission I will continue visiting your blog, reading your posts deep and beautiful photographs. Stay strong, please. Greetings from Spain. Juan J. Carrasco

Mona Lize said...

Hola Jaun, bienvenido a Paris and Pomegranates. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and your support. Enjoy Espana!