Thursday, June 18, 2009

However fleeting, money can buy happiness in Dubai

Temporary happiness can indeed be bought. Simple things, such as fresh air, lush greenery and delicious food still provide a more pure pleasure. However, for lack of these natural assets in Dubai, the summer sales will definitely do.

Soaring temperatures and too much couch time finally forced me into the malls - and the Dubai Summer Surprises sales are exceptional this year. 70% off designer wear still makes it expensive, but, wow, keep it down to just a few choices and it becomes possible.

I have never been so mad for shopping. Ok, there was this one time in Barcelona about five years ago - but I'd prefer to blame that on my shopoholic friends, ha!

From the Mall of Emirates to Festival City Centre and Dubai Mall (the biggest mall in the world) I have laughed and cried over material things that have no real lasting value at all. I have felt the fabrics against my skin and soon found myself smitten with fashion items that may as well have been designed just for me.

Anna Sui, Alexander McQueen, Manolo Blahnik... God blessed some exceptional people with a generous helping of creativity. There are few things that pleasure the human condition as much as great design. Again, the best ideas are found in nature - but great minds create material things that make our lives easier, highlight our beauty, and make us fall in love.

I am having sleepless nights over a McQueen dress that I absolutely do not have an occasion for wearing, never mind the money. Yet what makes me feel even more delirious is that it is possible in this world to create things that make people like me feel like this.


Anonymous said...

BUY THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Mich

Mona Lize said...

Mich - it's a catwalk creation by Alexander McQueen - there is only one and unless I wear it to my wedding (note: I'm only just single again) or on the red carpet (one TV appearance is not gonna cut it) it'll just be emptying my pockets. So I bought some other nice things instead!