Friday, June 5, 2009

Peace and thunder in the rice paddies

The truth is that I haven’t been very well lately. Losing my Mohammed also meant losing my social network and support system in Dubai. Suddenly the heat became unbearable, work stress seemed to weigh down just that little bit extra and the scars in my ears seemed to ache more than usual.

Everything in life comes with a price and I am paying dearly for my dream of seeing the world. A lot of you have been writing to me saying that my life seems so interesting and glamorous – and yes it is, but it’s not easy. For me, the hardest thing is being away from my incredible friends. Not that they are all living in the same part of the world, but here in Dubai I am alone. And loneliness can be a terrible thing.

However, especially over the last few months an unusual young lady revealed herself as a true friend and now she has also become a travel partner. She has had her own share of troubles to bear and the best thing we could think of to help us get back on track was an ayurvedic break to Kerala.

After running around in Kochi to see all the sights, we are happy to surrender to the peaceful atmosphere of the rice paddies in Kumarakom around our Paddy Fields resort. At night the monsoon storms play havoc with the electricity leaving us in utter darkness and sudden light. It could have been quite scary if not for our cheerful conversation and relaxed mood.

We go for Ayurvedic treatments around the corner at the Ayurlakshmi Ayurvedic spa and soon we start to feel more like ourselves again. Rejuvenated, energized, relaxed and full of life.

Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’. This ancient system of healing focuses on prevention and longevity through a spiritual lifestyle and natural cosmetics and cures.

Only since the 70s has the West started to pay more attention to this form of healthcare and Ayurveda is now widely used as part of Integrated Medicine, which combines the latest scientific research with ancient healing practices. Both prince Charles and Richard Branson actively supports this movement which aims to treat the person as a whole.

Prasanti and I have our first experience of the Kerala backwaters on a boat tour to the Kumarakom bird sanctuary and the biggest lake in Kerala. It’s enough to get us really excited about the upcoming houseboat journey which will take us even further away from civilization.


Anonymous said...

you can be in South Africa, between your friends, in a relationship... and still be alone. Keep holding on to that dream. There is nothing as powerful as realising you are actually ok on your own

Hanli said...

I have seen you grow so much since you've been in Dubai. Maybe all of this was meant to make you wise and strong. You are really beautiful and I feel lucky to call you my friend.

Mona Lize said...

Wise and soothing words, thank you both.