Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Choos move me

Dubai Mall is eerily empty as I walk down its Fashion Avenue. I'm not sure if it's because of the recession or simply that this is a really huge mall and there are not enough people in Dubai to fill it.

Armani, Louis Vuitton, Dior... it's not Milan or Paris but the line-up will do. The shop assistants say sales have been really bad during this year's Summer Surprises shopping festival. The discounts have been incredible but yet on designer wear the price still remains high and it seems that people are holding on to their money during these financially unstable times.

I spot a Joe's café in between the designer shops and shriek in delight. This is the trendy foodie version of the fashion label Joseph and it offers lunch bites equally as satisfying as its jeans. Of course, at Joe's there will always be an extra chair at your table for your shopping bags - because designer bags should never go on the floor. I like that!

The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue also boasts an Armani café (and they offer the only really good Italian style pizzas in Dubai - although it might just cost you more than actually flying to Italy) and a recently opened Fauchon, the designer pastry shop with Parisian origins.

It's such a thrill for me to spend time in these shops. I leave Alexander McQueen with real tears in my eyes because I lost my heart in there. Then I stop at Jimmy Choo. It's empty too, just the excuse I need to go and keep the shop assistant busy.

Trying these shoes on exhilarate me in the most amazing way. I'm wearing Choos. Real Choos, ah!

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