Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love all around the world

A part of me stayed in Wackersberg after that trip to see my friend Caroline get married in the Alps. It was a reunion of best friends who met in Cape Town while studying years ago and my first flight out of Cape Town after coming back from Dubai.

These people have had such a big part in shaping who I am today. They have loved me through the best and the worst of times. Between Frankfurt, London, Dubai and Cape Town, we’ve managed to stay in touch over the ocean and spend many holidays together over the years. Borders, visas and beaurocracies may make things more difficult these days but it cannot really separate.

Looking back over 2010 I am only grateful. After almost three years of living in Dubai my Capetonian friends received me back in the Mother City with open arms. I felt not only welcome but celebrated and whilst I lost myself a little in the desert they were ready to guide me back onto my path. It is because of the people who love me that I can step into 2011 a stronger, happier and more courageous me.

I realize now that I am incredibly blessed with love. I may have a scattered family and still be very single, but I am surrounded by so many people whose eyes light up at my company - in so many parts of the world. People would take me in at the blink of an eye, who has never used my secrets against me and who are always ready to listen and choose my side no matter what.

It’s my friends, more than anyone, who has taught me what it means to love.

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Jacoba said...

Hallo Lize, your name arrived in my mail box this morning (LinkedIn) and something clicked; did your parents live in Cape Town at any stage & did your mom speak a plethora of indigenous languages? Just wondered whether you were the daughter of someone I knew years ago ... if so, I'd love to hear from you & if not, so sorry for the cheek. ;)