Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Crystal Towers' eternity pool of wonder

Those who know me well would be aware of my enchantment with the eternity pool (also known as an infinity pool). I love how it creates the visual effect of still water reaching right into to the edge of the view as though merging with the horizon. This is especially effective with an ocean view, when it looks like the swimming pool extends into infinity.

Imagine my delight in spending an afternoon with the girls lazing about in the eternity pool at the Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa in Cape Town. I say ‘in’ the eternity pool because at the Crystal Towers they put sun loungers inside the pool, so it’s possible to catch a tan in the middle of the water to an eternity view of Table Mountain. What's more, Table Mountain was recently voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. So being struck by the wonder of it all was not too OTT.

So there I am lounging in the African sunshine, dipping my MAC pink toe nails in the water while sipping on a Cosmopolitan that smells of orange zest. Having the Crystal Towers Spa in such close vicinity makes it easy to pop in for a quick massage or facial and then continue the marathon catch-up session with the girls. As usual this includes all the drama and the scandal; dating, dreams and joy - stuff soapies are made of. Wink.

What makes the Crystal Towers spa especially suitable for a girly outing is their Turkish rasul and floatation chamber. The rasul is a communal treatment room all done up in mosaics and filled with aromatheraphy infused steam. You cover your whole body with a sort of mineralized clay and then just relax in there. At the end of the treatment a rain shower comes down in order to wash off the clay and invigorate you after the treatment.

The floatation chamber, in turn, is a dim lit room with a high salt content pool in which you float same as in the Dead Sea. It is super relaxing and apparently has the same holistic effect on the body as a few hours of good sleep. I think spending the afternoon with beautiful friends in an eternity pool with a view of Table Mountain has some especially wonderful effects too. Only question is, when do we do this again?

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