Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is this a dream or am I flying across the Montagne Bois Noir?

Just around the corner from Cases a Gardenias in the Montagne Bois Noir, there is a zipline called Tyrodrig. The cables are set across a 400 metre canyon with a view of the Rodrigues lagoon and the idea is to slide across the valley from cliff to cliff.

It is always fun discovering a place from the sky and it is no secret that I have a fascination with flying. Lets just say that it is a little fantasy dream. Little do I know that flying is exactly the sensation I would feel when trying out the zipline.

As the Tyrodrig officials fasten the harness around my body a nervous energy takes hold of me. I am always up for a bit of adventure but have no idea what to expect when I step off the cliff and sit into the harness. The moment I let go of solid ground I scream like a, well, girl. It’s kind of satisfying actually to shout all of that anxiety into the valley and refill my lungs with new air.

Yet soon I am floating in between the mountains like a bird. It is quiet and serene and not at all the fast and scary ride I anticipated. Once I relax into it I can’t get enough. Luckily we make four different crossings between the cliffs and I get to have a different angle on the mountain greens and sea blues of Rodrigues island every time.

So there, stepping off that cliff is one of the most wonderful things I have ever done. That just goes to show that while letting go of solid ground can be frightening, the unknown always has potential to bring closer all of those rediculous dreams. Now the challenge is just to believe.

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Anonymous said...

You should try sky diving!!!