Sunday, May 20, 2012

A display of Bavarian summer: pretty flower boxes

My grandmother had green fingers. More than that, she was, like, The Plant Whisperer. Her mere presence could turn a simple garden into a lush paradise. I've never had the chance to test whether any of that rubbed off on me.

Until I moved to Munich.

As with many other apartments in this German city, mine has a balcony with flower boxes. These tiny explosions of colour brighten up residential areas all over Europe. For me, flower boxes really are one of the prettiest things about the summer here. While the public city gardens also celebrate the sunshine with impressive displays of colour, flower boxes are a sort of personal contribution to making the season look even more festive.

For me, it is super exciting to be on the inside making a planter box of my own and not just a passing outsider admiring them.While I arrived in Munich slightly too late in the year to grow my flowering plants from seeds, it was easy to visit a nursery next to the Isar and choose a couple of multi-coloured flower trays. I double checked to make sure that all the elements of my mix & match flower tray palette would be happy to greet the morning sun. Soon I made my way home with arms full of plant trays and flower food.

I never thought it would be this rewarding to see the result of my instant garden. In fact I have never been so excited to see a few flowers in a box. It might be a humble start and only time will tell if I can keep the pretty flowers happy. However, the simple task of choosing and planting them has evoked in me a feeling of joy that makes me wish I can invite my gran for a cup of tea right here on my flowering Bavarian balcony.

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