Saturday, July 7, 2012

Das Leben ist ein Ponyhof (Life is a rose garden)

The German language has quite a few expressions referring to the fact that life is not meant to be easy. My favourite one at the moment is 'Das Leben ist Kein Ponyhof' which can be translated as 'Life is not a rose garden'.

Which is funny because my friend Susi owns a pony and regularly invites me along to spend time on the 'Ponyhof'. Where there are also lots of roses around now that its summertime in Germany.

So I say; life can be whatever you want it to be.

In fact, on a recent trip to Nonnenau (Nun's Island) where Susi used to stable her pony, I had the feeling that I stepped into a bit of a fairy tale. Nonnenau is on the Rhine River close to Mainz in the Frankfurt area.

We took a short ferry ride to get to the island where I was enchanted by the historical buildings and the apple trees - which made me think of Snow White.

Then there was this lovely thoroughbred peeking out from its little 'palace tower' overgrown with red roses - Rapunzel, of course. Or is my imagination taking things a little too far?

I was lucky enough that here was also a small pony for me to ride. Henry. Whom I proceeded to call Prince Henry, because the setting called for it. So Susi and I took off through the apple trees on Nonnenau, managing to avoid the poison apples and the evil witches and opting for a beer at the small beer garden on the island instead.

Nonnenau is a delightful little river island which also seems to be a popular setting for events and weddings. Which is no wonder. It has just the right amount of magic for the imagination to run free and perhaps dream up a happier-ever-after destiny.

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