Saturday, August 18, 2012

Could this be the best mustard in the world?

The foodie in me couldn't resist passing by the Händlmaier shop while in Regensburg. I've heard so much about Luise Händlmaier's sweet Bavarian mustard. She wasn't the one who developed the recipe but she was clever enough to spot a good thing and market it well.

Luise's mother-in-law was the mastermind behind the famous recipe. It seems simple enough: water, sugar, mustard seeds, vinegar and spices - but of course, only a Händlmaier could know the true quantities and the secret ingredients that bring it all together so famously. Back in 1914 the aim was to develop the perfect mustard to go with weisswurst (a white Bavarian sausage that makes a popular breakfast together with the traditional brezel).

Little did Luise know just how her legacy would live on.

Today Händlmaier is the mustard of choice for many. There are even a few noteworthy Händlmaier mustard fan clubs in the USA. Perhaps this is about as good as it gets for the hotdog. I expected more of a wow moment when tasting Händlmaier mustard for the first time, but the tube I bought has been growing on me. My Händlmaier of choice is the sweet and spicy version. It is a coarse-grained and tangy mustard that works wonders in combination with any mild sausage, of which my favourite is the Nürnberger.

If you're ever in Regensburg and feel like popping in, the shop can be found in Untere Bachgasse right in the centre of town. It is a small, unassuming little store where you can taste all the different kinds of Händlmaier mustard with bread sticks and buy gift packs or different kinds of mustard in various types of packaging. The standard mustard tubes, however, are available in stores and supermarkets all around Germany.

If you've tasted Händlmaier mustard, let me know what you think!


Marie said...

I think its nothing special. Could be any mustard. Sorry!

Pandora said...

I've been in this exactly shop in 2013! :)
I just love how rich the flavors are in the sweet variety.
By far this is the best mustard in my opinion.