Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrating 'Märzfest' in Munich

Venice reminded me that I am still missing out on that big part of life that involves love and relationships. Sure, I have met some fantastic people on my travels, but somehow I still find myself free of any commitments.

So I left the City of Love for Munich and pretended that it was Oktoberfest (or lets just call it Märzfest according to the current calender). Any excuse to drink lots of weissbier with my very good-looking acquaintances (VGA’s).

The VGA’s and I took the underground train to Odeonplatz, a famous square in the centre of Munich, then walked all the way to Marienplatz, marveling at all the old buildings and the little dancing statues in the clock-tower.

Ok, so it was less profound than that. My VGA’s were fondling the lion statues and I was practicing my photography skills with all of their cameras. Besides all that, it was simply too cold to walk around without gloves and fur coats; therefore we soon found ourselves seeking out the warmth of one of the oldest and most famous beer houses in Germany.

We enjoyed a few pints of Shneider Weisse and shared a meat platter as well as fresh bretzels to provide us with some blotting paper for the alcohol. I assume that the Germans traditionally all had cholesterol problems because of eating so much fat – but it sure tasted good.

After that we did some pub hopping back to the underground station, where some weird looking men tried to make friends with us. Luckily we escaped their German ‘charms’ and passed by the supermarket before going back to the Arabella Sheraton hotel.

Here we consumed the Riesling wine, cheese, crackers and Haribo sweets as though we were students again. I woke up with a headache, but besides that, I felt great. So what that I am still drifting! Freedom is glorious and I am having the time of my life.

Besides, when I eventually do find someone to call home, at least I won’t be able to say that I missed out on anything.

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Suz said...

Cant believe u ve been to Munich and me still hasnt. Wanna meet up with you there for Oktoberfest if possible!