Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting lost in the City of Love

You don’t have to be rich to impress your beloved in Venice. Neither do you have to be good looking or charming. This city itself commands love.

The Latin man that has been following me around the world awaits me at the Piazzale Roma, where all the buses from the surrounding areas terminate. From here we take a boat to cross the Grande Canal on the way to the famous Piazza San Marco.

The flattering Italian light, the water, the colours and designs of the buildings all come together in sights that perfectly please my eyes.

When the boat stops close to San Marco we get our feet onto solid ground. Along many of the walkways there are pink public benches for catching your breath (if it’s not drizzling like today) and perhaps a kiss, underneath the pink street lamps. Yes, in Venice the world is indeed rose tinted.

We cross the Bridge of Whispers and I see the gondoliers singing to lovers and Chinese tourists alike. I look at Mickael and almost say ‘I love you,’ but then I drop my camera. So we continue to the much photographed square where the tourists feed the birds.

Inside the San Marco basilica I struggle to lift my eyes. Not because the windows and the lanterns are not beautiful but because I just love the mosaics on the floor. The patterns and colouring is just so artistically and beautifully done. Same as this city, every little part of it is a different visual delight.

From here we get lost and eventually find ourselves at the famous Rialto Bridge where we stroll through the market and watch the sky turn pink.

We ask a local for advice on where to eat and end up walking a really long way to a restaurant called 'Hosteria da Franz' along one of the canals. By this time I am starving but it is worth the wait. We try the typical Venetian squid ink pasta and having been quite sceptical, I am surprised at the exquisite taste.

By the time we finish our 'biscotini' and sweet wine, it is raining outside and I am glad to have someone with me who can keep me warm.

Venice is a fantasy land of love and romance, so very far removed from my world. Being here once again restores my hope. The delicate, naked hope of finding true love.


Anonymous said...

dis waar - wat 'n fantastiese gevoel wanneer jy weet daar is iemand om jou warm te hou... en wat is erger as wanneer jy besef jy en die een wat jou warm hou se paaie gaan uiteen... teen jou wil... maar die hoop bly - vir ewige en ware liefde en vrede in jou hart

Suz said...

I couldnt describe Venice better....... probably have to take Peter Pan there