Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet Singapore

2009 took everything from me and left me feeling like a date palm at a dried up oasis. Great was my relief then when I walked out of Changi airport; Singapore welcomed me with a big wet humidity hug.

A bowl of wonton noodle soup later I am feeling a lot more at ease. The combination of family and tropical weather is just what the doctor ordered. Although I wake up with throbbing ears and vow that I will give up aircon for good.

Nothing stops me from visiting Bugis for a shopping spree through. I show mom my favourite shops, Womb, M)phosis, Charles & Keith, The Face Shop and then take her for a snack of Octopus balls with shaved pork and Beard Papa cream puffs. Now that’s my idea of a perfect day.

We meet my uncle and aunt in Chinatown for dinner after running around for a new glass teapot. Sitting down to Tiger beer shandies, pineapple rice and crispy squid, our laughter lasts into the night until sleep comes to claim us for bed.

Ah, the sweet life in Singapore… where Chinese food is better than in China, the fruit has a delightful flavour and everything you could possibly want is contained within one tropical island city. I leave with pretty flowers painted on my toes and an impressive selection of shopping bags.

Now just a few more stops to go until I get back to Cape Town. I just pray that my ears will last for the last little bit.


yen said...

i see that you have not been to Malaysia...perhaps you should.

Mona Lize said...

Hi Yen, yes I would really like to experience Malaysia, the food, the nature... I am sure I will love it! Not sure when I will get the chance though but it is definitely on my list of places to see.