Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Seeing off the witches in Portobello Road

The evil forces in Dubai have been managing to keep me and my personal internet connection separate. Petrified that I might tell the truth? Hm, let’s keep that for another blog post.

I’ve been very afraid over the last few months so when Halloween came, I was like, yeah, bring on those witches! Far away from some real scary experiences, my friend Andrea put me on the back of her moped and off we went in search of mushrooms and movie magic in Notting Hill’s Portobello Road.

The market is already buzzing at 11am and she admits that we should have jumped out of bed before the tourists. However we manage to push our way through the crowds, past the flower and vegetable stalls that seem to gain even more freshness from the slight drizzle. Antique silver, fur, handmade jewellery and then those giant namesake mushrooms…

“I’ll make chicken pie,” she says, picking leeks, fennel and mushrooms from the selection. Pie is the most loving food in the world (ok, cupcakes are a close second) and since love always conquers fear it becomes less and less likely that Halloween or any amount of evil that the Middle East can conjure up will even have an effect on me again.

Happily Portobello’d we follow our internal GPS back to the moped, past The Travel Bookshop that was made famous by the Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts silver screen romance. This is definitely a me-place and I’d like to linger but the chicken pie is calling louder.

And so it was; the girls laughing off their demons in London over a loving meal and an abundance of good red wine. That’s it then, if I can feel this much better out of Dubai, I’d have to say its ‘sorry but goodbye’.


Anonymous said...

bly jy's terug in die beloofde land! Sien volgende week.
Charlotte x

Marie Theron said...

A lovely travel blog! Ek dink jou skryfstyl is uitstekend! The language is very quotable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lize.. I'm really glad and happy to know that you're happy away from this place as it was taking the most out of you. Enjoy life and smile as you got such a great smile that always made my heart pound with joy :-)

Sending Love,

Mona Lize said...

Charlotte, I'll see you soon for sure.

Thanks Marie, what a lovely compliment!

Moe, I'm smiling and it's not a fake smile in a fake city anymore.

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.