Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello Cape Town, happy 2010!

Whoohoo, I think I may just be the happiest person in Cape Town about the beginning of this New Year.

Love and everything else was a major let-down in 2009 but it was also a very valuable learning curve. It’s a great relief to leave it all behind and use my new found wisdom to explore more fulfilling life choices.

My feet are firmly on the ground for now and although I will never lose my love for travelling I am feeling very present in Cape Town and I am looking forward to a new phase in my life where things will hopefully be less fleeting.

Having seen so much of the world and the 2009 recession, it is quite a pity that so many South African people are still negative about our country. Crime, racism, poverty, unemployment, government corruption – that’s almost everywhere.

Job opportunities are looking dismal in the US and UK, Europe is not what it used to be and Dubai is only just surviving the debt crisis. South Africa only caught a slight ripple of the recession effect and, according to the local news, is already out of trouble.

2010 also brings the FIFA World Cup™ and all eyes will be on South Africa for a while. The worst of the baddies in power will have to tread lightly in order to pull off all of this international attention and increased tourism opportunities.

In this light, so many South Africans, like me, are now coming back in the knowledge that the grass isn't always greener (and in fact there are some places with no grass at all...).

Today the sun is out in Cape Town, there’s not a breath of wind and the beaches are full of beautiful people. Right now there is nowhere else I would rather be.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read about the adventures in store for you this year. Glad you are back in South Africa! Mich

Snoekie said...

Welcome back home- have always known this is where I need to be. Love it as much as it frustrates me at times- good luck!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jy moet weer skryf!! Hoe gaan dit met jou??
Charlotte x

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N.T.L said...

2010 is the big birthday of HaNoi (10/10/2010) - 1000 years old.
Welcome back!