Sunday, May 23, 2010

My summer in Cape Town

Coming home to Cape Town after two and a half years of travelling has been a super natural high. Rolling out of bed onto the beach on a Saturday morning and then catching up with some fabulous people for a braai (South African style barbeque) in the afternoon has been like a mini holiday every weekend.

Summer 09/10 sits up there with one of my favourites of all time. My senses were heightened to every little thing that Cape Town has to offer, from the smell of fynbos to the hearty cooking of friends, the nostalgia of horse stables and the aromas of South Africa’s best wines. I let the waterfalls wash over me and the sea breeze play with my hair.

Then I put on my stiletto's and danced off to discover that Cape Town now offers Nobu's finest Japanese cuisine and that the local Simonsig Brut is still just as delightful.

The feeling that I truly belong somewhere really hit home when I moved back into my old apartment on Kloofnek Road, five minutes from Clifton beach, five minutes from the Cape Town Stadium, five minutes from the shops, the cool party spots and almost everything else that I could possibly need, or want. I know so many people in my neighbourhood and bumped into other fond acquaintances at regular intervals.

Cape Town is a small town. It’s one of the few cities in the world where you still get a community vibe and, of course, where nature abounds and it is possible to go for a hike in the mountains or a sunset walk on the beach as an after work treat.

It was fairly easy to get a good job. Although it took some time, there were also ample opportunities to freelance as a writer. My head has been under the water for the last few months though and I’ve been gasping for some fresh Atlantic Ocean air in between work assignments, social engagements and finding personal fulfillment.

It almost caught me off guard when the clouds started rolling over Table Mountain a couple of weeks ago and the first cold front of the winter hit my hometown. Never mind April Fools, it’s almost June and time for the FIFA World Cup kick-off. I’m impressed with the city upgrades related to this event. Better roads, transport systems and security measures will make a difference to the locals even beyond the 2010 soccer spectacular.

After all this time of basking myself in the African sun, I’ve finally gathered myself and I’m ready to start writing again. I’ll keep you updated with the soccer atmosphere in Cape Town and everything else I love about my city.

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Dennis said...

Welcome back home- it is great to read such positive comments about our beautiful city of Cape Town. It surely is a wonderful place with a wonderful vibe and I'm saddened to read so many negative blogs and articles prior to the start of the long awaited World Cup 2010. I hope that you will enjoy the winter almost as much as you did the summer.