Saturday, June 19, 2010

The world is on my doorstep

So I decide to come home after travelling the four corners of the earth. I’ve hardly managed to plant my feet firmly on Cape Town soil and the whole world follows me here. Ok, so I’m not really that popular; rather, it’s the FIFA World Cup and people from all over the world are in Cape Town to watch the soccer.

I am delighted to see Cape Town decorated with flags and to hear all kinds of foreign accents as soon as I step on to the streets. Travel is in my blood and it makes me happy so mingle with travelers on random nights out and being a bit of a tour guide in my own beautiful city. I’ve also discovered that I love the beautiful game, which is a bonus.

Cape Town is more fun than ever before – and it’s always been fun! There are football fan parks all over the city, big tents serving beer and boerewors rolls to sports fans dressed up in costumes that represent their country. Bars, nightclubs and restaurants are all offering Specials and Capetonians are entertaining friends from faraway places.

“I still think California is the greatest city in the world – it’s my home,” says Matthew, dressed from top to toe in US football gear, “but Cape Town is second best.”

My favourite part, I must confess, is that there are finally more straight men in Cape Town than women. That means I am turning heads, being asked for my phone number and told I am the most tres beau, benito, bella woman in the world on a daily basis. I know it means nothing, in a few weeks the soccer fans will all be gone and Cape Town will sink back into its lovely laid-back rhythm.

Yet – for a single travel obsessed girl grounded in a beautiful gay capital this is just the kind of travel and confidence boost I need to keep going strong.

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