Friday, April 29, 2011

Loving Cape Town's in-between seasons

I live in the seams. In between things. In between day and night lies the most beautiful light. In live in the spring and I live in the fall. In between hot and old. In between young and cold. In between daydreams and dance. I might be in Cape Town but I'm packing for France. In between seasons and in between time. In between sips of wine is where I find the divine.

The first cold front of the Cape Town winter was thoroughly celebrated on the weekend with a visit to the Cape Winelands. Suzanne Vega and Zaz in my CD player and fresh drops of rain on my windscreen while the vineyard landscape slowly unveiled its misty grey.

I started at JC le Roux for an MCC (Cape bubbly made according to the French champagne tradition) and meringue pairing with my German family and made a short little roadtrip over to Delheim Estate for a lunch of cheese, bratwurst and Cape Malay curry next to the fireplace at one of the most intimate winter lunch spots in the area. I often wonder whether the age old trees or the wishing well knows more secrets.

For dessert, we moved on to a chocolate and port tasting at the neighbouring Muratie Wine Estate, where giant spider webs and sepia photographs above a dusty piano created an eerie but magical feeling. The artisan chocolate truffles and sweet wine soon had us glowing inside this cosy tasting room.

I feel inspired, like the first rain of the season has enchanted me. I love the crisp air, the hot chocolate and wrapping up in a big fluffy blanket with my laptop and my writing glasses. And it's just about the most perfect excuse for a nice and social wine tasting.

Here's to the Cape's hot and cold Autumn!

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