Saturday, April 9, 2011

Late summer partying in Bantry Bay

Cape Town's Bantry Bay is by far the best place to enjoy the end of summer. Since it is a protected and secluded bay it is a wind free spot in a city known for its windy climate, especially in late summer. Bantry Bay is famous for its luxury properties sitting high up on cliffs overlooking the ocean.

The Peroni parties held on the pool deck of the Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay every weekend over the last few weeks has been the epitome of Cape Town cool. Luscious, lazy summer afternoons, sipping sparkling wine (or Peroni, of course) with friends while the sunset throws candyfloss colours accross the sea and the sky.

As usual Cape Town's beautiful people did not disappoint. Models, entrepeneurs, travellers and great looking wannabees all made their appearance at these parties while bikini girls provided some splash pool entertainment. This city has more than its fair amount of picture perfect people, most probably due to the fact that it's a hot spot for photographic and film shoots.

Once the sun disappeared behind the ocean Ibiza style tunes set the soundtrack for an chilled out evening under the stars, with the ocean lulling below.

And for those who like to insist on keeping the good times going late at night (like me, at times) the fun was continued with some dancing at the Salt Vodka bar accross the road from the hotel; a lovely intimate venue for getting 'elegantly wasted' as INXS would say.

Spoilt rotten we are in Cape Town! This really is as good as it gets. Best thing is that these kinds of perfect moments come around often in this small town.

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